About Us

Dr. Lars Høie MD-PhD has researched and carried out clinical studies on various combinations of soy components, documented in more than 30 clinical studies published in peer reviewed medical and nutritional journals internationally. The clinical research has resulted in very safe and highly effective nutritional products with proven health effects. The basic philosophy of Dr. Høie has been to contribute to a healthier lifestyle; by providing natural plant based nutrition products with proven safety and efficacy. 

Our founder

Dr Lars Høie - MD-PhD.

A trusted science academic, Dr Høie has spent more than 30 years in research and product development in cooperation with scientists at university hospitals in Europe and U.S., developing natural products to prevent lifestyle disorders. These proven nutrition products branded as Norvia are among the best documented nutritional products available world wide.

Dr. Høie spent 5 years studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Norway and in China, where he learned about the important health benefits of the soy bean. Dr Høie co-founded the Centre for Heart Medicine in Oslo where he treated hundreds of patients using natural plant-based formulas in which he combined specialised proteins, fibres, lipids and germ extracts from the soy bean.

Dr. Høie´s breakthroughs include developing all natural low calorie meal replacement products, from which significant weight loss, normalising blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as significant reduction of cardiovascular risk factors were proven.

Lars Høie´s plant based weight loss products have been the No. 1 selling nutrition products in Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries for more than 3 decades, and the all natural Norvia low calorie meal replacement products is his latest development, containing no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. Dr. Høie has researched and carried out clinical trials on various combinations of soy components, documented in more than 30 clinical studies published in peer reviewed medical and nutritional journals internatIonally.

The result is Norvia Nutrition's tasty shakes

Norvia’s products are 100% plant-based, tasty and filled with a high content of proteins and fibre, all essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals! They are perfect for those who want a safe but quick weight reduction, weight maintenance or live an active life with exercise and physical activity that need a quick top-up of proteins and carbohydrates.

Perfect balance between the nutrients

Based on clinical research, Norvia products contain specific ratios between proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibres, as well as essential minerals and vitamins, ensuring that the body do not break down too much muscle mass. Norvia products supply the body with enough carbohydrates to avoid excessive loss of muscle mass when consuming a low-calorie diet. 

Both the brain, which consumes 25% of the body’s blood sugar, and muscles prefer to use carbohydrates as their main energy source, which means that if not enough carbs are available, the body will start breaking down protein from muscles to provide enough energy.Norvia is high in protein, which is an essential part of our diet and plays a crucial role in the body. Proteins help maintain muscle mass and consist of amino acids, also known as the body's building blocks. Amino acids play a vital role in almost all biological processes in the body.

Norvia's tasty nutrition shakes are gluten-free, dairy free, non-GMO, contain only natural sweeteners, and is suitable for vegetarians. 

Norvia products are world-class in terms of ingredient quality, effectiveness, taste, careful processing and quality control. 

Each Norvia meal is packed into air tight sachets whereby oxidation is avoided, and the ingredients contain no more than 5% humidity, whereby microbiological growth is avoided.